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Dell PowerEdge 1400sc Approaches Are Somewhat High Energy, upgradable Intel ® Pentium ® III microprocessors were designed about by servers. This record clarifies this system’s components and software features. It discusses linking devices also offers advice regarding the controls and indicators over the leading desk of your computer keyboard.

System attributes:

  • 1 or 2 Intel Pentium III microprocessor(s).
  • Front side bus (FSB) with a bus speed of 133 MHz is the crucial feature.
  • A cache of  256 kilobytes (KB) of (SRAM) available within this server.
  • The cache additionally delivers error checking and correction (ECC) ability.
  • Assistance for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) if another Pentium III microprocessor is also still installed. By dividing the Micro Processor operation platform improves.
  • Operating Systems supported by DELL Poweredge 1400SC are Multi-Processing, Micro-Soft ® Windows NT® Server 4.0, Windows 2000 Server, Novell® NetWare® 5.1, Red Hat Linux 6.2 launch SBE2 (and after variants ), or Microsoft back-office and Business Server (SBS) 4.5.
  • The system memory that may be increased as much as two Gigabytes (GB) making use of enrolled lively Random access memory (DRAM) double inline memory modules (DIMMs). ECC power, which finds all glitches and corrects each of single-bit memory mistakes, is additionally provided by the memory subsystem.
  • PC chassis using a variety of screws to get serviceability and disassembly.

The system board Comprises these attributes that are incorporated:

  • Four 64 Bit and two 32bit peripheral component interconnect (PCI) expansion slots.
  • A High speed, High heeled ATI RAGE XL PCI video controller with 4 MB of dynamic Random access memory (SDRAM). The server direction that is incorporated circuitry performs with all the Dell OpenManage ™ Server agents along.
  • A diskette driveway Port that affirms a more 3.5-inch diskette drive
  • An integrated drive  (EIDE) controller offers support to an EIDE CD-ROM disk drive. Ultra3 modest computer system interface (SCSI) assist by way of an incorporated double station control, and this provides aid for up to four high-speed SCSI hard disk drives.
  • Two ports and a single Bi-Directional Jack for connecting the external apparatus. An incorporated Intel PRO/100+ system interface controller (NIC) that offers an Ethernet port.
  • System/2 (PS/2)-design computer keyboard interface, double Universal Serial Bus (USB) interfaces, and also a PS/2-compatible mouse interface are the other vital features.

Dell supports the Subsequent network operating methods for usage On PowerEdge 1400 approaches:

  • Windows NT Server 4.0 Along with Windows 2000 Server
  • NetWare 5.1 (and later variants )
  • Red Hat Linux 6.2 launch SBE2 (and after variants )
  • Microsoft Back Office Small Business Server (SBS) 4.5 (along with Later variants )