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The HP ProLiant ML110 G5 Server is also the efficiently-sized Server which is perfect for small workplaces, first networks, and even distant websites.

Retaining a small Business ready to go takes a server that is trustworthy cheap, and simple to maintain. Once you have minimal IT resources, you can’t assume that you will have workers onsite to handle daily server-related tasks. You are in desire of a host that’s easy to manage, also from space. How does one satisfy these demands? Visit the streamlined and Strong, HP ProLiant ML110 Era 5 (G5) Server) It offers server reliability and features for remote locations, branch offices, and smaller enterprises –for the cost of a desktop computer.

Size and appropriate features

At the Perfect cost Adaptable and easy to use Server is designed to be sensible and reasonably priced. It delivers all the server functions that small businesses desire, together with today’s hottest tech innovations. Some new features of this ML110 G5 server include Intel® Xeon®, Core™2 Duo, Pentium®, or Celeron® chip, four tight disk drive bays. Also, an optional HP lights out 100-C Remote Management Card that is excellent for remote websites or next offices.

Critical Benefits and features:

Tested HP dependability and encouraged:

  • Throughout some Thorough and Rigorous testing within the business, HP has generated a standing of reliability. It enables you to set up the ML110 G5 server with confidence.
  • The ML110 G5 server Integrates ProLiant good quality that commences with style and design and also can e enriched in manufacturing. As a result of tireless focus with procedure control and platform testing, simply the very dependable products accomplish your environment. Expandable to grow with changing business requirements • This effective yet simple platform provides all of the appropriate server features in an easy-to-use and easy-to-afford program.
  • Functional Capabilities –such as Intel Xeon 3000 collection, Core 2 Duo, Pentium or Celeron chip, DDR II ECC memory, PCI Express slots, serial port, and multiple USB 2.0 ports–supply off-road functionality together using the expandability to grow with your small business.
  • The ML110 G5 server is built specifically for businesses that require an easy-to-configure, easy-to-use system. Each of the essential parts is intended to be removed or installed with minimal work. When growth gets necessary for a small business system, the ML110 G5 host is reconfigurable. • Companies with advisers or remote locations can benefit from this optional HP lights out 100 C Remote administration Card also to enhance productivity, and to decrease company and server downtime. A real server in a desktop cost
  • The ML110 G5 server ideal for little – and medium-size businesses and remote-site businesses.
  • The layout stipulates a host using the correct Features at the right price.
  • ProLiant 100 collection servers have tailored characteristics to reflect the usage demands of branch offices and small companies.

Ideal applications:

  • World Wide Web messaging, File and publish, Modest perpendicular Applications or databases, LAN infrastructure, and Shared Internet access.

Well Suited for: Branch offices or Remote site of Smaller – to medium-size business.