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SUN ORACLE SPARC T4-1 Server — SUN ORACLE SPARC Server For Sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Noida

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Oracle’s SPARC T4 servers running Oracle Solaris deliver outstanding performance while offering a highly scalable secure and integrated environment optimized for enterprise software.

The SPARC T4-1 server boasts speed, scalability, and security in a sleek, compact design. Combined with Oracle enterprise software, the SPARC T4-1 is a cost efficient platform for web infrastructure, middleware and application development.

The Sun Fire T2000 server is a member of the next generation UltraSPARC-II processor-based Low End Entry Server product family and builds on full line of UltraSPARC-IIIi processor-based products. As the #1 in UNIX servers Sun offers the total product solution with network-centric services.

Navigator System is one of the leading independent server support and maintenance experts, with specialist experience in maintaining and supporting the full range of Sun
Oracle Servers, Data Storage and Tape Storage Products.

Navigator System is able to fully support the Sun/Oracle Sun Fire T2000 server with independent on site service, repair, maintenance, installation, AMC and one-time break-fix.


SUN ORACLE SPARC T4-1 Server supports Eight-core 2.85GHz SPARC T4 processor One processor per system, maximum 64 threads Eight floating-point units, New on-chip Encryption Instruction Accelerators with direct non-privileged support for 16 industry-standard cryptographic algorithms plus random number generation in each of the eight cores.



  • Outstanding performance and systems throughout in an affordable 2U rack enterprise class design.
  • Optimized to accelerate Oracle database, business applications and middleware software with outstanding performance and scale
  • Built-in, no-cost virtualization technology with Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle Solaris Containers improves utilization and reduces operational overhead.
  • Integrated on-chip cryptographic acceleration provides high levels of security without sacrificing application performance.
  • Runs Oracle Solaris 10 and 11 with guaranteed binary compatibility and support for legacy applications
  • Provides the most comprehensive lifecycle management framework available today through a unified portfolio for systems and the cloud
  • Smart, simple, and eco friendly designs offer greater energy and space optimization, increasing asset utilization while reducing operating costs.
  • Oracle’s unique advantage of engineering the hardware and software to work together delivers best-in-class products that are optimized to solve unique business challenges with world record performance, unmatched value and investment protection

SUN ORACLE SPARC T4-1 Server Config for Sale

SPARC T4 processor

(1) Eight CORE 2.85GHz, 64 Threads, Eight Floating Point Units.

No of Thread –64

Shared L3, 4MB cache and eight cores with private L2 128K cache

New on-chip Encryption Instruction Accelerators with direct

non-privileged support