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Server maintenance is an easy task by determining where to start the IT maintenance process on your own. Here are some tips for Server Maintenance.

  1. Create a schedule for your server maintenance. Schedule this work during the less work of your business day. It may be daily, weekly or monthly but punctually.
  2. Regularly check your server’s event and error logs. Always keep an eye on alert and warnings. So that you can fix them before they crashes out your server.
  3. Check server log files, folder permissions, and hard disc space during maintenance.
  4. Always keep your server updated. Also can set the automatic update option for off-hours.
  5. Optimize server ram and swap usage.
  6. Check your server backup system is working properly or not. It may cause you all the data loose.
  7. Check for network temperature applications to ensure that your server doesn’t get overheated in the busiest part of your office working day.
  8. If you are using a server control panel then also update it
  9. Don’t add any third party software to your server. Do it if that is an absolute necessary for you.
  10. Uninstall or update outdated web applications. They may cause unwanted security issues

These are simple but effective tips can increase your server’s work efficiency.

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