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The HP Integrity Server is currently a platform that is perfect for compact computing systems. It permits one also to conduct versions and also to execute evaluations and simulations and leave graphics with pace.

The rx1600 (afterward rx1600-2) is a 1U rack-mountable host With as much as 2 Itanium two Deerfield chips. More modern Fanwood Itanium two chips are supported by the rx1620. Both types of CPUs have been equally specified/marketed as non-invasive.

The HP Integrity rx1600 is a multiprocessing (SMP) server supporting up to 2 Powerful 64 little Low-voltage Itanium 2 chips.

The HP Integrity rx1600 supports DDR (double data rate) SyncDRAM (synchronous dynamic random access memory) DIMMs with ECC and chip extra protection. The HP Integrity rx1600 contains 8 DIMM slots, making it possible for a max of 16 GB of overall system memory (with 2 GB DIMMs).

The HP Integrity rx1600 is client installable at H-P or even Party cabinets. The racking hardware includes slider rails, allowing the machine to easily slide from also an optional cable control arm which arranges and safeguards the port wires, along with a cupboard for servicing. The rails have adjustable mounting hardware, enabling the host.

I/O Architecture:

The HP Integrity rx1600 I/O architecture uses business PCI X and PCI buses in a unique style and style for highest efficiency, Scalability and dependability. Seven are used by the HP Integrity architecture High-speed I/O stations. Each station provides 0.5 GB/s of throughput.  Both available PCI-X slots Each possess their very own dedicated 64 bit 133 MHz PCI X bus and their particular Separate I/O stations or station. The stations supply enhanced I/O operation and error containment. Independence protects every I/O card out of bus hangs or elongated latencies of Additional I/O cards. Independence guarantees That Every I/O card may reach greatest throughput.