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HP ProLiant DL385 Generation 6 Designed with virtualization in mind, the HP ProLiant DL385 G6 Server is ideal for demanding workloads that want elevated levels of overall performance and features the 2400 collection AMD OpteronTM processors.

The HP ProLiant DL385 G 6 Server Has a memory Footprint, embedded NICs USB, and a great deal of both storage and PCI expansion slots, which makes it well suited to a broad assortment of surroundings and applications. Significant facets of this HP ProLiant DL385 G6 Server will be versatility and its expandability.

Driveway cage options Into 4.8 TB provide the internal storage of upward with 16 SFF pushes or up to 6 TB using 6 LFF hard-drives, 10 Gigabit NIC support, plus an option of 2 out of 4 PCI riser boards for I/O versatility. Brand new Modular Smart Array Controllers deliver performance up to 200 percent faster than the former generation.HP ProLiant on-board Administrator, HP In-Sight get a handle on the package, and Trusted Platform Module service –all designed to give you the maximum confidence in your enterprise as well as the ability to squeeze every little bit of productivity out of your host infrastructure. HP helps you reach power efficiencies within your environment, with technologies including HP Power Regulator, electricity Manager, along with Dynamic electricity Capping.

With over caliber evaluations and layout, you can Boost server productivity to the very long term. Although the HP ProLiant DL385 g 6 Server is well suited for virtualization, its flexibility makes it the most proper match for virtually any business need, from small enterprises to intricate company surroundings. With an ideal equilibrium of price/performance, flexibility, expandability, reliability, and energy efficiency, the HP ProLiant DL385 g 6 Server gives the optimal/optimally yield for the budget.

Improved functionality:

The HP ProLiant DL385 G 6 Server currently supports high-performing six-core AMD Opteron processors with 6 MB L3 cache. The brand new processor includes a quality that empowers IT administrators to show off cores, AMD Core SelectTM, assisting in fine-tuning hardware for specific working requirements and workloads. As a result, the software may gain from improved memory bandwidth and cache each center.

Essential management:

HP ProLiant DL385 G 6 Server contains comprehensive management Capabilities and resources including ProLiant Onboard Administrator (driven by the HP Integrated Lights-Out 2 management chip ), and also the HP insight Control package which lessen downtime and enhance productivity.

Energy efficiency:

The HP ProLiant DL385 G6 Server power Options allow you to”right-size” based on your configuration prerequisites and Save on electricity costs.