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When it involves maintaining IT assets, there are 2 ancient paths: work with the OEM or handle everything in-house. Whereas those may be the foremost common choices, they’re not invariably the correct solutions. Adding third party maintenance into your support strategy may well be the key to unlocking time and money savings while guaranteeing that your IT team is ready to specialize in what they are doing best. Does one get to work with a 3rd party maintenance provider? Below, we’ll discuss 5 signs that it’s time to form the switch.

#1: IT ASSETS face the top OF THEIR PRODUCT guarantee

The first sign that you just want a 3rd party maintenance supplier is pretty obvious. You’re running out of guarantee on your operational device and there’s no area within the budget to refresh to the manufacturer’s latest model. Once your device reaches its finish of service life (EOSL), the initial instrumentality manufacturer (OEM) won’t give you service unless you’ve already purchased an expensive extended guarantee. Even then, it’s solely a matter of your time till that agreement runs out, so you have got no different recourse however to upgrade (or worse, go while not coverage).

However, if the budget isn’t there, otherwise you don’t see the purpose in willy-nilly agitated out hardware that works simply fine as a result of the OEM desires you to, there’s another choice. a 3rd party maintenance supplier will step in wherever the OEM fails and supply you with the guarantee coverage you wish for peace of mind.

At Navigator Systems, we tend to often facilitate our shoppers to extend the lifetime of their IT assets by 5 to ten years on the far side the official finish of Service Life (EOSL).


It happens to each IT manager. Everything’s fine so at some point, you receive notice from the OEM that your device is formally finished with life. Besides the fact that you’re currently living on borrowed time, the OEM is good enough to allow you to grasp that as a result of the device’s EOL, you’ll get to spit up even extra cash for support.

Often, the price is preventive  – those extended warranties are often implausibly overpriced. That leads you to the question of whether or not you wish for a guarantee within the initial place. After all, things have in all probability been fine up to now. What’s the chance of simply not re-upping and running while not a support agreement? sure as shooting your IT team has the talent necessary to troubleshoot any problems that you just may face, right? Wrong.

Going while not supporting in any respect is often staggeringly risky. Not solely is there the tidy issue of attempting to supply replacement parts on your own, however, there’s no guarantee that your IT team will install them and put together the system. With a 3rd party maintenance supplier like Navigator Systems, you get the protection you wish and therefore the money savings you be. We tend to often save our shoppers between four-hundredth associate degreed ninetieth on what the OEM would have charged for an extended guarantee.


Another positive sign that it’s time to contemplate operating with a 3rd party maintenance supplier is that you’re facing information measure problems along with your IT team. If you have got a tiny low team or solely a couple of members of the team have the talents needed, it will place a massive strain on the whole department.

Things will snowball and therefore the demand for support solutions will grow on the far side of what you or your regular employees will give. Then you’re long-faced with the choice of whether or not to source your desires, rent a lot of employees, or take another step. operating with a 3rd party maintenance supplier ensures that you just have the assistance you want once you need it, while not the extra prices and complexities involved in hiring a lot of IT employees or outsourcing your desires.


Often, tiny to medium-sized firms need skilled services that can’t be accomplished among internal IT talent. And that they are sure as shooting don’t have the resources obtainable to rent extremely specialised IT staff! At Navigator Systems, our 2,500 trade specialists are prepared and obtainable to produce essential services once you’re facing a damaging Downtime. These field engineers vary from general technicians that have expertise with the merchandise set that they’ll be touching (storage, servers, or networking) to engineers with an awfully specific talent set that have primarily been trained on a selected manufacturer or maybe specific product line! which means you get access to top-of-the-line talent, together with Tier IV technicians, while not paying an arm and a leg.

A third party maintenance supplier will facilitate an exceedingly big selection of things, including, however not restricted to the following:

• Bringing a System makes an onerous copy Down

• Installation

• Implementation

• Configuration (any kind, doesn’t have to be compelled to be from scratch)

• Physically Moving/Relocating Systems

• Mounting

• Rack & Stack

• Upgrading microcode to the newest OS (Note: on condition that the software system is already in your possession)

So whether or not you need our skilled services on an hourly basis, or need yearly access to our engineers with the reinforcement of a support contract, our guys are here to help you!


Planning a move to the cloud? It’s an exciting time, however, there are loads to contemplate. One factor that surprises shoppers is the want for short-run coverage to bridge the gap between on-prem and cloud agreements.

The problem here is that OEMs don’t have the flexibility to handle these unpredictable time scales. for example, you would possibly be long-faced with the fact of shopping for a complete year of protection from the OEM once you solely want one or two months.

At Navigator Systems, we tend to perceive that migration doesn’t invariably escort a clear-cut timeline.


From value savings to specialised solutions, facilitate through your migration, augmenting your in-house employees, and protective operational devices long when the official EOSL date, Navigator systems will facilitate. Contact us now to be told a lot concerning our versatile service level agreements (SLAs), our industry-leading engineers, and the way we can facilitate your organization’s success.