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Navigator System specializes in the server, storage and network infrastructure which can assist MNC companies in allocating budget other than IT projects

Multivendor provider that services brands not only CISCO but including Juniper, F5 Networks, AVAYA, Fortinet, Brocade, Extreme and more for Networking infrastructure. For Server/ Storage brands includes HITACHI, NetApp, EMC2, HEWLETT PACKARD, DELL, IBM etc.

We have built our solution set from customer service perspective for IT Maintenance as Service. Out solution approach towards significantly reduced operational expenditure, analysis, and data which provides insight to product lifecycle planning and technology roadmap.

Reason to choose TPM Vs OEM

Third Party Maintenance Over Original Equipment Manufactures Plans

With budget constraints, IT managers are put in difficult position to increase cost of OEM manufactures. With innovation solutions, Navigator System can assist in offering you the highest quality maintenance products and solutions that meet the OEM Service Level Agreement (SLA) or suggest better savings plan.

Why a company should switch over to third-party maintenance?

  1. OEM keep on rising Maintenance costs.

Maintenance Cost by OEM’s increases on an average of 10 to 15%annually for the first 5 years on the same equipment and the cost increases by 15% every year after the initial 5 years. We, Navigator System never raise the cost of maintenance on any device.

  1. IT Asset forced to outdated by the OEM’s.

Generally, all OEMs build products to last for 15 years and more. The product milestones and increase annual maintenance prices leads to obsolescence stock.

  1. Single scope of Contract

Multiple OEM in the single contract is never possible. Contract additions and deletion required with 30 day notification period. Some OEM have Contract per SLA with multiple start and stop dates which result in confusion and difficulty in tracking the covered assets.

  1. IT Maintenance as Service

Many clients regarding IT maintenance required solutions providing high-quality service and cost-effective TPM methodologies. The solutions and processes to provide and maintain accuracy for their assets and contracts.

Our approach towards client significantly reduce the support cost and replacement of spares to improve and outperform the previous support solutions

  1. Multi-vendor Support

If you are looking for a company to maintain a large quantity of asset percentage. Navigator System can help. Our Third party maintenance services for various OEM’s in networking and server/ storage infrastructure.


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