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HPE VS Dell Servers: Important Main Factors To Decide

Navigator System provides Warranties, Care Pack, and Support Services by Original OEM as well as all HPE Renew and Dell Recertified products are covered by our own NSPL warranty, service, and support options.

DELL Support Vs NSPL Support

Dell ProSupport is a paid reliable support program to download any updates or firmware. Few Dell Firmware is also free to download. Also provides a site to find updates for your systems.

If you can afford it, pro support is a worthwhile investment, if you can afford it. Dell will soon be requiring a support contact for downloads in the future. Dell Spares can be more particular about documentation for part replacements.

Dell Support Options from Navigator System

Navigator System offers 3, 4, 5, and 7-year Support. Options include ProSupport NBD, ProSupport Mission Critical, ProSupport Plus NBD, ProSupport Plus Mission Critical, and KYHD (Keep Your Hard Drive).


HPE service/support contract must download any new firmware or updates. HPE’s support for replacing parts and their supply chain has also good as DELL.

Users can create an online account through HPE’s website allows for extensive personalization with specific portfolios that every HPE hardware your business owns.

Also, gain access to HPE 24/7 support, manage future orders, and the ability to utilize the HPE Operational Support Services experience to help manage the day-to-day IT operational tasks.

Depending on your business’ level of growth and experience, it may be worth it to explore everything HPE support has to offer. With that said, the navigation and general user experience is still overwhelming.

HPE Support Options from Navigator System

As you know, HPE Renew products carry the same-as-new warranty from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In addition, Navigator System offers 1,3 and 5-year support and also 1-year post warranties.


Reliability Dell/HP/NSPL

Dell pro support

Dell EMC PowerEdge is continuously improving its servers, to avoid breakdown and the more recent lines generally reinforce that fact.

HPE Support

HPE Proliant systems really do a good job with predictive alerts for parts that are liable to fail. This allows the enterprise to repair or replace parts before they break down.

HPE Superdome line showed incredible reliability. So, for mission critical big data workloads, HPE’s solution does seem reliable.

HPE’s Apollo line are for users to determine long term reliability.

Server Maintenance Price List

Dell server Maintenance

Dell was more affordable but less flexibility on price when negotiating with Dell. So consistent customers willing to cut more of a deal.

Used Dell Servers and spares are relatively easy to find. It benefits from being self-referential.

HPE Server Maintenance

HPE more flexible on price. HPE Server has a more comprehensive documentation system. Find manuals for every part HPE made.

Management Tools

All Out of Band Management systems with HTML5 support, HPE’s Management tool iLO, and Dell EMC’s iDRAC.


Dell iDRAC with java after iDRAC 7 and new iLO GUI.

As far as licensing goes, iDRAC uses a physical license, which can be bought on the secondary market and prevent being locked in again with the OEM after end of life.

Updates are generally a bit longer with iDrac, and in general it seems a bit more sluggish than iLO. As far as a previous point of contention, iDRAC does have a similar tool to RIS, called OpenManage Essentials, though both have their issues on some browser versions.


ILO standard is included, but Advanced (i.e. post console session) requires a license, which can lock you in with the OEM if your servers go EOL; you can’t buy them from the used market.

Some users will claim that you only have to buy one key because you can reuse the advanced key on multiple servers, but this is against the terms of service; you do have to purchase new keys just as with iDRAC.

Overall, the GUI with ILO seems more intuitive and the platform seems a bit more snappy, but there are more important things to consider than the out-of-band management interface.

Final Roundup

At the end of the day, HPE and Dell are both fairly similar companies with similar offerings, and so when comparing HPE vs dell servers, there is no clear-cut winner. There isn’t a huge difference between the companies as far as build quality, price, or reliability, so those are going to be best evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

However, Navigator System NSPL support make difference as a service provider of choice when we evaluate HPE vs dell servers. That being said, in almost all cases they provide comparable hardware and services, so companies should always do their due diligence and evaluate their options on a case-by-case basis.