Network Security Assessment

Your IT Security and Compliance is simplified

Your organizations must to have technology or employee skills necessary to stay ahead of the Internal and external cyber threats. GDPR Regulations and PCI DSS industry standards mayleave confused as to what to do next.

Navigator System maintain secure and compliant operational environment, and to set up a full-blown Security Operations Center (SOC). Our IT Security solutions help correlate logs and events, patch software, track server changes, also enable control and audit of access to critical resources and data.

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Vulnerability Assessment

External Security Audit is to look at network security from both outside and inside of your network. Report highlight risk and advise changes will need to be made.

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Penetration Test

In order to prevent hacker inject harmful code by finding these vulnerabilities through Pen Test first and actively exploiting them.

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Information Security Audit

Network Architecture Security Analysis, DDoS attack Security analysis, Application Load Testing / performance Testing

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Procedure of IT Security

The procedure is simple. Before that organization has to approve the test plan and methodology submitted. Then,

• Start with collecting the passive information and documentation.

• Study situation before checking out to action.

• Identification of vulnerabilities manually.

• Analyse risk assessment, threat profiling and present report

• Do Re-verification after eliminating vulnerabilities

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Network security Report & Pen Test Cost

The average price of a penetration test or Pen Test will be range from INR 3Lakh to 15Lakh approximately. The average duration of the penetration test will be done from minimum 1 week to 1month or more in working days).
The final report includes jobs methodology and evident of attacks such as screenshots, videos of attacks, vulnerability, scanner protocols, raw tools experts, obtained passwords and accounts, activity logs with technical information.

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List of Peneration Test

• External network perimeter

• Internal network

• Web application, Internet-Bank application

• Mobile application \ API, SCADA

• Employee testing by social engineering methods

• Wireless networks

• Code analysis for standard vulnerabilities

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List of Vulnerability scanning

• Network perimeter

• Web applications

• According to PCI DSS (ASV scan)

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Navigator Systems Facility Management Services empower top firms worldwide to enhance, safe, control and help their mission-essential infrastructure for customers to align IT Programs targets and plans with venture technique to provide solutions that generate business method including enhancing the dependability, accessibility and operation of the datacenter, network and security infrastructure.

Organizations who are progressively looking to improve productivity, which needs careful orchestration of how INFORMATION technology interacts with business programs and enterprise applications. Navigator Systems Facility Management Services can assist, empowering one to free resources to concentrate on strategic initiatives are below

Reduce IT infrastructure expenses, Improve end user productivity by reducing downtime & Optimize IT productivity.

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Security Automation

  • Cost factor:  Penetration test quote based on size and complexity of your network environment. Complex environment requires virtually walk through the network and exposed web applications.
  • Methodology:  Physical Penetration Test or Tools to conduct their penetration test which could increase the price. But reduce the time of your test, and produce higher quality results.
  • Certification:  Navigator System Pen testers with CISSP, GIAC, CEH, or OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) Certified.
  • Onsite:  An onsite visit required to test your business physical security or in a large/complex network environment or Social engineering Penetration Test.
  • Remedy:  To eliminating vulnerabilities Pen testers include remedy assistance and/or retesting in their price. You can take only test report to reduce cost.

IT Security Compliance Audit

A WhiteBox and BlackBox test is in which the attacker has preloaded with information or network access going into the engagement that would be difficult to obtain on their own.

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Wireless Network Security

Review of wireless architecture design and sample access point configurations. On site assessment to determine signal leakage, info disclosure, rogue access points, weak protocols and vulnerabilities.

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Firewall Security

Navigator Firewall Optimization help customers to adapt as their network changes. For private cloud Optimization Services ensure the right config to reduce complexity and continuous compliance in your hybrid environments

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